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Pierre Schaeffer -Pierre Schaeffer studied as an engineer and broadcaster! Inventor of: Musique Concrete

Edgard Varese - Varese was inspired by Busoni and Debussey!
"I long for instruments obedient to my thought and whim, with their contribution of a whole new world of unsuspected sounds which will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm

Ferruccio Busoni - Busoni was a prophet of electronic music!
Prophet of modern electronic music


Modern drumming methods incorporate the use of electronic percussion controllers and pads! Vince Schaefer uses stochastic and fractal based performance methods to create original music. Drum Rack for electronic MIDI drum set with DrumKAT Turbo 2000, and Alesis QSR synth, Mackie mixer, Opcode MIDI Interface, used by percussionist, soloist, musician!
Performing on a DrumKAT midi percussion controller and keyboard controller, Vince Schaefer has developed the ideas and the math, to accomplish many This is Ludwig a dog, sitting behind the drumset, Roger. styles of music as a soloist drummer. The latest presentation incorporates a light show that is controlled in real time as he improvises. Using a breath controller further expands the potential as a soloist by allowing pitch bend, modulation and volume to be controlled with wind. Three midi interfaces are utilized to discreetly sent midi messages around the drum kit, so no data is squashed or lost, despite flurries of drum notes. 
A sustain pedal is located under the left heel, which controls the length of determined notes from guitars, basses, or keyboards that are pre-determined. That device being typically contrary to the natural movement of the Hi-Hat required much extra training for correct implementation.          
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