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Learning Intervals Learn and remember intervals with easy and popular songs.


Drum Dojo Drum Dojo is a resource for percussionists, and musicians!

The Sound Site This is the place to get Soundfonts, and midi files!


Mallet Jazz James Walker hosts Mallet Jazz, and offers CDs and lessons, as well as performance!


Deprogram Deprogram with Mary B., is a modern keyboard oriented band from Australia!


Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


Common Laugh Productions handles all music production and midi needs.
 Finishing is what we do. After five years in business, the one thing our customers agree on is, we finish, on time, for the estimated cost. How many people do you know that have been planning on making a music CD, never to start because of the seemingly high amount of insurmountable tasks? We've been through it and can direct you through it too, regardless of your budget. Music home recording studio, with three midi interfaces controlling drummed MIDI messages from DrumKAT, in live situation!Over 20 years of electronic drum, music arranging, producing, and studio experience, provide your project with professional design.  
   MIDI consulting, studio set up and live performance using midi controllers, lights and instruments are mastered at the Common Laugh facility. Last year we did a 60 minute video production titled: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer, released a solo CD rom that included videos, started selling promotional band t-shirts, got on the internet, and many other musical endeavors.    
   Vince started Common Laugh Productions 7 years ago, to help feature hinself and promote  work!Artwork and multi-page album covers done reasonably. Professional web design available. Examples of everything available on request. Contact us by e-mail at or
Vince Schaefer 2960 Sacramento Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15204  or call us at: 412-771-2174

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Download free real audio samples, below; approximately 30 seconds total length.
   All music was drummed by Vince!

Acoustic con Tiempo acoustic guitar solo, drummed at the Common Laugh Productions studio Real Audio (short)

Rhetoric Kills short sample recorded at the Common Laugh Productions studio. Real Audio (short)

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