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R-16  DKAT sends Progm Chng to QSR          L-16  DKAT sends Progm Chng to Cheeta

                                                                           L-15  Cheeta Expand Mode goes to Zone 1 - lights

                                                                           L-14   R-8 Tympani

                                                                           L-13   R-8 Log Drum

                                                                           L-12   R-8 Conga

                                                                           L-11   R-8 Steel Drum

R-10    Drums                                                    L-10   R-8   Drums, General midi +, 

R-9    Program Change Disabled ---Cheeta  ***               L-9    Midi Thru

                                                                           L-8   Lights, Lightmaster midi controller

                                                                           L-6 Microverb, effect unit

DrumKAT Interface

 Rght Midi In  - Notes & Controllers to Rght Out       Lft Midi In - Nothing goes anywhere

 Opcode Interface

User  1  -  Studio               Preset   1  -  Panic

                                          Preset   2  -  SMPTE

User  3  -  Live Rig           Preset   3  -  All

                                          Preset  4  -  Tune

In-1   DK -L                                                       Out -1A  plays R-8

                                                                           Out - 1B   DK back to save

In- 2   DK -R                                                      Out - 2A    plays   QSR

                                                                             Out - 2B 

In - 3   QSR  saves                                                 Out - 3

In - 4  Key Port 2—Microverb Program change    Out - 4 Microverb  

Cheeta Interface

1 DrumKAT        2 Microverb           3 Light Controller

Cheeta Controllers

1   Pb   Pitch Bend    ----- anything other than Pb- assigned value of controller 1 destination 1&2 when wheel pushed** assigned value of  5 to 3&4 when pulled

2    with controller 6 OFF -4 destinations*** otherwise 2 transmits controller  2 destination 1&2 and 6 is destination 3&4

3  dV   Dynamic Velocity                                        7 & 8

    CL   Clock Rate of internal MIDI clock        Pr  --  Program Increment

    At    Aftertouch to MIDI chan                       Ch  --  Chain Increment

4  dV    Dynamic Velocity                                 PA  --  Patch Increment

    CL  Clock Rate of internal MIDI clock         At  --  Aftertouch Enable/Disable

   At     Aftertouch to MIDI chan                      --Pb  --  Pitch Bend Down

   Pb     Pitch Bend                                             Pb  --  Pitch Bend Up

5   Circumstantially   slaved to 1                      9    122   local control  OFF

6   OFF  controller 6 disable                                      126      0-16    0-Omni OFF

                                                            dP  system exclusive dump of performance mem.

Back of KAT

Ftswch. Yellow-B-G-R  midiin Black-Gold  midiout  Green- Red-Blue

Triggers   skyblue- Red-Green- Yellow- blue-gold-tan-black-white

A MIDI Routing Chart from my Electronic Kit

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