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Bass Trigger Unit

I made one from an old jackplane, cut in half. Picture on my site, may be hard to see. It's labeled bass 2. Drum pedal should be set up to play down. 
A screw coming out of wedge piece, (45 degree, already there) holds rubber (bumper from a crutch, or something substantial) Mallet hits rubber. Trigger is mounted below rubber, but still on wedge. Wedge (and rubber) mounted with silicon. 
Its over 6 years old, with 0 repairs, and still on my drum set as Bass pedal 2! Metal drilled easily, to allow for two screws in front for traction. Anything denser than plywood (including Plywood) conducts vibration enough to trigger. Pads can be simply made by mounting piezo transducer trigger on plywood or other vibrating surface, with mounting tape or/and silicon. Silicon (some of which sets in 5 minutes, and dries in an hour) can be purchased in small household tubes, and used for many adhesion problems. While triggering acoustic drums on the road, used the same silicon to hold triggers on the drum head. 

A MIDI Routing Chart from my Electronic Kit

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