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Learning Intervals Learn and remember intervals with easy and popular songs.


Drum Dojo Drum Dojo is a resource for percussionists, and musicians!

The Sound Site This is the place to get Soundfonts, and midi files!


Mallet Jazz James Walker hosts Mallet Jazz, and offers CDs and lessons, as well as performance!


The Indie Music Forum A music business education seminar designed to give you the information you want!


Deprogram Deprogram with Mary B., is a modern keyboard oriented band from Australia!


Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


Royal Crusaders History The Royal Crusaders were a musically innovative corps, and were always competetive!

Favorite Music Links, some will actually teach you to play!
    Songwriting resources, music theory and various other informative links, that we use in our day to  day business here at Common laugh Productions are here. Music is a big business and staying connected and having the resources to learn new things everyday, is the only way to stay in the game. Search electronic percussion music outside this site with Scrubby the Spider, or add your site to the major search engines for free with Add Me, or copyright your original music with First Use. This is a list that will take a while to finish. Irene Jackson alone has a plethora of information that would take some serious time to wade through. Have fun and learn more about music! Then come back to: Drum Music Electronic, to learn about modern drumming using electronic percussion instruments! 

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First Use, free digital 
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See the site listing, which is very high!Categories include: General Music, CD's, Instruments, MP3's, Pro Audio, Studios, Bands, and Web-casts

Women of Australia in Music: Deprogram supports electronic creation!Mary Budimir is the featured artist in: Deprogram

Music Ed Directory, large resource

Music Emporium, compose, and learn

Miniature Drums handmade by European craftsman, and musician, have fine detail and are beautiful displays. Get a model of your drum kit or the set of your favorite drummer!                     

Online Conservatory, live music lessons

Music Stuff, just like it says;

Ruth Underwood - mallet keyboard player for Frank Zappa on many albums. This tribute site provides historical pictures and discography about this talented mallet keyboard percussion performer!

Ron Selico - drummer for Frank Zappa for Peaches En Regalia , which I played vibes on while in the Steel City Ensemble! Jon Pieffer, Bob Bolman, and Donny Group also played in that keyboard section!

Music Notes, an interactive experience

Made in the Shade, music listings

Surfjam: a great place to surf for something to listen to!

Drum Music Electronic

The Official Cakewalk Power Site  Cakewalk Power is the first book to deal exclusively with the Cakewalk Pro Audio, Guitar Studio, and Home Studio products. This site provides information about the book, plus user resources including a free newsletter, live chat, discussion area, and the chance to win free music software products!

Songwriter tips from Irene Jackson hundreds of useful links, a real compilation of music resources 

Indie Contact Bible major resource for the independent musician

Musemuse for songwriting help

The Songwriting Education Resource

Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site

Songwriters Resource Network

Li'L Hank's Guide for Songwriters

Charles Songwriting Notes

Silver Kat Music

Sample Web Site


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