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Learning Intervals Learn and remember intervals with easy and popular songs.


Drum Dojo Drum Dojo is a resource for percussionists, and musicians!


The Sound Site This is the place to get Soundfonts, and midi files!


Mallet Jazz James Walker hosts Mallet Jazz, and offers CDs and lessons, as well as performance!


The Indie Music Forum A music business education seminar designed to give you the information you want!


Deprogram Deprogram with Mary B., is a modern keyboard oriented band from Australia!


Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


Royal Crusaders History The Royal Crusaders were a musically innovative corps, and were always competetive!


Drum Bum 
Drum Bum has sticks and t-shirts for drummers and percussionists! Great gift ideas for musicians, and free lesson.

Music Teacher charts and information I like to keep handy.
Vince offers charts that have been useful teaching drums!
Being a drummer trained with minimal melodic experience, I can attest to the value of the following basics. These charts, along with guitar chord, and chord progression maps, were vital towardCheeta 5 octave, 8 zone, 4 layer Master Series MIDI Keyboard Controller, with light switch drum below and PoleKAT dual zone trigger pad to right the completion of the first CD album: 
A Drummers Laugh and eventually to: Wizard Obligation, which is a CD album which was recorded live as a Television show. The albums both feature a 9 page cover with art and information and many pictures. The Wizard Obligation CD can be put into any computer to see pictures and movies from the sixty minute TV show: 'Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer'.

Ideas from my head quickly became practical reality when adhering to the musical rules dictated in these charts. Screaming realistic sounding guitar parts along with funky bass lines were the result. My melodic skills have improved and my basic studio set-up is modern, and efficient, and universally applicable to the work and records done in other studios.
A basic method plan for drumming that has been tested many times is also included. Check California band, and Carrick band or Resume. Real Audio files are examples from the first lesson, under the: Free Internet Drum Lesson page!
 I've much to put in here eventually. For now, check out these links and short Real Audio samples:

List of Continuous Controllers These are the controllers that add expression to music, such as: Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, Volume, Breath Control and more! 

General MIDI drum list If everyone would just agree to put a snare drum or bass drum or tom, or cymbal on a certain m.i.d.i. number.....Oh, they did!

Chromatic Scales (singing) the words to sing chromatic scales

Minor Scales a reference chart for minor scales

Drum Lesson #1 a big lesson to get started, is a time tested beginning program, actually more than just one exercise! 

Circle of 5ths important lesson with sharps and flats!

Space Dude sample of drummed music by soloist - This tune features funky drumming, along with a funky bass line, and some mellow guitar chords, offset by the conga oriented drum solo, and the sounds from space!     Real Audio

Something I Had to Play Without You Some hand drum solo music, performed live and recorded for the album: A Drummers Laugh, by Vince Schaefer, featuring Conga, Djembe, Tabla, Talking Drum, and other percussion instruments. 
Real Audio

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