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MIDI Interface

I use an Opcode 64X midi interface to control my messages, though maybe you don't need what I do. It has 4 ins & 6 outs and technically controls 72 channels. Uses Serial port, though I think USB is available now. Also with the Opcode there's one selection for my studio and another for my live performance rig, which seamlessly ties together: DrumKAT Turbo, midi controller keyboard, Roland R-8, Alesis QSR synth, Microverb 4, and Topaz midi Light Controllers. Anything can be controlled from anywhere. example: knobs on front of microverb turned with controller wheels on keyboard or in DrumKAT. With my set up, no cords are ever moved, and messages go only to appropriate places. (DrumKAT and keyboard interfaces contribute to this also) Recording in your studio, you'd have 5 ports instead of one, to make controlling individual instruments and definitions easier.
The DrumKAT Turbo midi percussion controller has 2 ins and 4 outs, and the Cheeta 5 octave Master Series midi keyboard controller has 1 in and 4 outs. I have one out open on the Opcode interface and one open on the Cheeta interface, so my equipment is close to being maxed out.
The way I have it set up, I could add many light controllers onto the chain, which are played from the DrumKAT. Presently I get plenty of light interaction from my one Topaz controller, a DJ dimmer light controller, a strobe, and a Switch Drum, which I made, that sits under the keyboard.

A MIDI Routing Chart from my Electronic Kit

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