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  Multitasking         Making a CD From: Electronic Musician

Creative Time Writing lyrics

Writing music

Jamming on new ideas

Figuring out parts

Research Time Posting questions to Internet user groups

Investigating gear

Comparing prices

Calling tech support

Assembly Time Compiling realistic drum parts

Compiling sound libraries



Burning CDs

Arranging Time Arranging vocals

Arranging music

Choosing instrumentation

Constructing songs

Rehearsal Time Practicing vocals

Getting parts studio ready

Faking instruments

Working out guest parts

Tech Time Exploring synths and samplers

Exploring effects devices and plug ins

Expanding engineering skills

Coming to grips with operating system

Manipulating waveforms

Resolving sync and word clock issues

Mastering mastering tools

Housekeeping Time Maintaining tape decks

Managing hard disks

Backing up

Installing upgrades

Trouble shooting software and hardware problems

Recording Time Recording voices

Recording acoustic instruments

Recording electronic instruments

MIDI sequencing

Obsession Time Fantasizing about your studio

hearing and seeing your finished product in your mind

Deciding what you need and can afford

Critically reviewing what you’ve done so far

Shopping Time Going out and getting what you fantasized about

During Obsession time

A MIDI Routing Chart from my Electronic Kit

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