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Learning Intervals Learn and remember intervals with easy and popular songs.



Mallet Jazz James Walker hosts Mallet Jazz, and offers CDs and lessons, as well as performance!


The Indie Music Forum A music business education seminar designed to give you the information you want!


Deprogram Deprogram with Mary B., is a modern keyboard oriented band from Australia!


Drum Bum 
Drum Bum has sticks and t-shirts for drummers and percussionists! Great gift ideas for musicians, and free lesson.

Art Gallery 1, 2, 3, 5, are work by Vince Schaefer - Gallery 4 is by William F. Fitz
Download free real audio sample to hear short example from the Wizard Obligation CD extra. It features a 9 page informative and educational cover, and pictures and movies from: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer, you can view on any computer. 

Album cover art, for music CD rom: Wizard Obligation, with pictures and videos, completely drummed live, by producer, percussionist: Vince Schaefer

Wizard Obligato by Vince Schaefer was used for the Wizard Obligation music CD album. The recording also contains pictures and videos of the live performance, taken from the one hour television broadcast: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer.  Vince is a modern electronic drummer, producer, and arranger.

D-KAT Weather was used as a background for pages in the Wizard Obligation album. The album was recorded from the television show: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer. Drummed live using a DrumKAT midi percussion controller, midi keyboard controller and trigger pads, is an example of modern drumming. 

DrumKAT weather by composer, independent musician, percussionist: Vince Schaefer, used as background album cover art for drummed recording. Soloist plays all instruments including guitar, bass and keyboard parts along with driving drums!

Something I Had to Play Without You short sample of tune from the Wizard Obligation album, that was recorded originally for the CD: A Drummers Laugh, featuring funky bass and drum lines!  Real Audio

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