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The Common Laugh directory provides many links, pictures and real audio samples for all musicians. Advanced modern midi concept is also addressed in relation to percussion controllers, along with a do it yourself at home attitude about recording your first music demo or CD. The history of independent musical soloist Vince Schaefer provides examples of one career in the music business. Thank You for the high rating!  A directory including 689 sites with 182 bands, 17 Europe, 48 Instrumental, 97 Music Resources, 75 Singer-Songwriters, 78 MP3 Stations,  178 MP3 Artists and 14 Web-casts, and is growing everyday.  Please rate this site, and browse and rate the other sites in the directory.  Vince Schaefer plays progressive music using keyboard controller and drum controller with extra triggered pads. A soloist musical composer that can improvise new music with lights while showcasing his diverse percussion and drum set skills. This independent musician and midi live performer has recorded two solo albums in his home recording studio, one that has video samples and pictures to view on your computer.


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All I Ever Wanted! Real Audio Free 
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Vince Schaefer music from March 2001

Vince is pictured playing tympani. His site is: which is named: Drum Music Electronic 

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