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  Carpal Tunnel, my take;

Nerves going to your hand, go through a gauntlet (tunnel) of muscle. Nerve swelling or gauntlet shrinking cause what's considered carpal tunnel syndrome.
Through discussion with my dentist (who teaches at college, and tells me this problem is most prevalent with dentists) came to conclusion that proper technique and adequate development of the hands, before age 16 or 17, might be key issues. (approximate age we stop growing) Dentists only begin using (grasping) the drill in their 20's, therefore encouraging our hypothesis. Wrist must have zero position at 'straight' in both directions. (up/down, side/side) (in relation to arm) In other words muscles when relaxed, should be relaxed n both directions. (a drumming default if you will) Also drinking alcohol could contribute to shrinkage. Proper breathing might help keep tunnel expanded to full capacity. Also proper hydration may contribute. (don't forget, if you drink pepsi, or alcohol, you must compensate with 2x water.) Many I know have corrected personal problems, with technique corrections (proper use of wrist) and the big one: warming up! A few others have done operation (cutting tunnel, attempting to spread tunnel) without perfect result. I think scar tissue and healing tend to shrink it back. All I know (other peoples students) have received temporary comfort, though had to do operation again. If anyone out there has had success with operation, please post, as I'm not trying to scare, but the record is not good. To wrap this up, if you play without tension, with proper technique, with a healthy body; and you experience numbness, go to doctor. Careful because, repetitive motion, and carpal tunnel diagnoses are tossed about like political correctness, lately. Arthritis, etc. should not cause numbing.
Warm up!

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