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Learning Intervals Learn and remember intervals with easy and popular songs.


Deprogram Deprogram with Mary B., is a modern keyboard oriented band from Australia!


Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


Royal Crusaders History The Royal Crusaders were a musically innovative corps, and were always competetive!


Drum Bum 
Drum Bum has sticks and t-shirts for drummers and percussionists! Great gift ideas for musicians, and free lesson.

Music Resource Page, a few important links to basic charts. 04/07/03
Many times friends ask for basic midi lists. Sometimes I'm in another studio that doesn't have these lists on hand. Now they're here! I'll post more soon. 
Download real audio short samples below. 

MIDI Music Performance Rack, for modern electronic drum set with Roland R-8, Opcode Studio 64X, Alesis QSR, Mackie mixer!Drum rack contains: Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer, (drum machine) Opcode Studio 64X, Alesis Microverb 4, Alesis QSR synthesizer. Mackie mixer  

Chrome Circus - Free Real Audio Download 474 KB
Music recorded at a March 2001 rehearsal. Live One-Take performance includes Vince attempting to sing a little.

MIDI controllers list a recent list of potential keyboard controllers, for more on the possibilities of how Vince Schaefer can use midi controllers, click on midi-routing or midi interface 

Vince mixing video for his demo, self-produced featuring all original music drummed by artist.Pictured is artist/producer: Vince Schaefer in his Common Laugh Productions studio, mixing video for his demo!

MIDI+ drum list the general midi drum list, with the additions I have programmed on my Roland R-8. 

Pittsburgh Studios all the recording and production studios of Pittsburgh, PA, compiled by Common Laugh Productions.

Youth Basket Drummed solo music with very interesting tympani line!
Real Audio sample

Baba Yaga Moussorgsky, classical music excerpt - Completely drummed by soloist    Real Audio sample

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