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  "Teacher" Altruist or Pragmatist?

Key Assumptions for Leadership

Assumption #1 - Altruism: When you accept the role of "teacher" anywhere, you accept the responsibility to uplift mankind each time you face a student.

Assumption #2 - Human Goals: Anytime you teach any subject, your constant goal is to increase the respect for the human dignity of each pupil.

Assumption #3 - Music Goals: When you teach music to anyone, you see music as one of the most perfect tools for achieving human goals.

Assumption #4 - Ensemble Music Goals: When you accept a contract to teach music & movement, you accept the concept you have responsibility to teach students, directly by persuasion or indirectly by example.

Assumption #5 - Ensemble / Individual Music Goals: To society at large, any music program is often just called "band". Notions that there is a "drum corps style ensemble", a "winter guard ensemble", a "drum line", a "horn line", a "pit", communicate fragmentation in purpose and invite status inferences. The first attitude must be that the ensemble program provides multiple experiences, different yet equal.

Assumption #6 - Ensemble Goals: In its marching music activities, the ensemble program offers a wide variety of opportunities for music & movement to implement the broad general purposes of education.

Assumption #7 - Performance Goals: You should use the strong motivating forces of performance as methods to help adolescents learn the principle: music achievement done for human goals.

Assumption #8 - Comparative Ensemble Activities: When you venture into the arousing world of comparative ensemble competition, parades or festivals, you are prepared to steer the thinking of all concerned to insure that the top priority is on the intrinsic rewards, not the extrinsic.

Assumption #9 - Man is Omnipotent: Except for our obligation to watch for rare genius, our priority is for music to be used to serve man --- not for man to be used to serve music. Altruistic human music, and performance goals cannot be achieved without staff members zealously dedicated to this principle.

Assumption #10 - Profound Education: Remember "The Corps" is a program in general education. The purpose for any learning is to go home better prepared to fulfill your purpose as staff member that the world will be better because of your influence on students. The students will believe you if your actions reflect a value system that holds the uplifting of persons first, the uplifting of music second, and believes that wholesome marching activities can provide excellent human and musical experiences.


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