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Vince Schaefer is featured drummer in freelance gig for Dennis Warner 

   Dennis Warner was a student of mine from Carrick High School that played tenors in the award winning marching band. Though he plays all instruments, his forte after school became guitar. Composition was also a strong talent which has lead to his writing many original tunes in his career. 

   This music was a batch of 4 tunes I learned in a week, featuring some interesting and innovative modern percussion ideas to compliment the driving music. It was recorded analog, in a 'one take manner' from beginning to end, without overdubs or anything fancy. The studio was small and nothing was done in the way of 'mastering' or editing, but the music still has something to say. 

   This was after my tenure in the Dancekats, so I was using all electric drums. The kit at that time was a Roland Octopad, KATalyzed into a DrumKAT MIDI Percussion Controller. (that means that the older Octopad could do anything the KAT pads could do by means of midi connection) All the sounds came from a Roland R-8 and a little reverb from an Alesis Microverb. A benefit of the many trigger outs (15) from the two controllers was plenty of cymbals, which at that time were my homemade pads. Because of the many pad surfaces the controllers provided (18), I had plenty of melodic toms, and percussion, layered hi-hats. The bass pedal at the time was my homemade bass drum trigger unit.

   A couple short Real Media examples of the music we did:

  • End of the Beginning by Dennis Warner

  • Slow Down by Dennis Warner

    Dennis was listening through some really old tapes at my house, and found one called: Vince's first composition on ESQ. It was the first time I ever played around with a midi sequencer, at the time of the RX Band. (it was Kitty's board). So, Den wrote some words and re-recorded the tune. The original tape was done on a really antique cassette deck, through the onboard microphone, so don't expect high fidelity from this one.

  • Running Since Birth by Vince Schaefer & Dennis Warner

    Check out the Dennis Warner website at: 
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    More information about the compositional skills of Dennis:  

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