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Pierre Schaeffer -Pierre Schaeffer studied as an engineer and broadcaster! Inventor of: Musique Concrete


Ferruccio Busoni - Busoni was a prophet of electronic music!
Prophet of modern electronic music


The DanceKats, were a band from Greenburgh, run and owned by keyboard player and singer: Denny Moffat, with singer Phylene. Other musicians included bass player Steve Alston  and guitar player and vocalist: Steve Marchetti. It was the job that the DrumKAT percussion controller, was added to my Rogers kit, to trigger drum samples. My rack had a Roland U-110 keyboard module, a RX-7 drum box, and an Alesis Microverb, so between the 8 ply Maple shells, and the samples, and reverb effects, I had the best sounding kit around at that time. Evans Hydraulic heads and good microphones that we used in this band helped it sound great like a very expensive drum kit. (it wasn't cheap!)  We played a cool book which included a 90 minute non stop oldies set, which was mostly Motown music. The rest of the tunes were anything from funk, to R & B, to jazz, to pop, or whatever they asked for. To enhance the three night a week gigs, we played one wedding a month. (for really good money) Den owned the PA and lights and all, so we always came out looking, and sounding very professional.
We played our first gig at the Lakemont Country Club and Golf Course, (this was my 5th stay there, my first with Slate & Pearl) only ten days after meeting the group. Steve and I had played in various bands including: The Betty Holiday Review, before, which made a good first gig possible. Denny's singing and B-3 organ imitations made the band very good. 
During a change of players, Denny stopped getting gigs, and I moved on to Group Therapy. (Jay Harris from Energy Rush, Newport News, Virginia)

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