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Carrick High School Marching Band, competed against much larger schools; the drum-line was awesome!

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Carrick High School was always an exciting competitor!
During my five year teaching tenure at Carrick starting in 1979, made many great memories including a 3rd place overall drum line finish at finals. Hats off to Norwin High School and Southern High School the #1 and #2 finishers. Three tenths separated the field. Hard to believe we went through 3 different band directors throughout the five years. Director, Katy Vogt ended up with the most trophies, Carrick High School Band, featuring the supertenors: chainsaw, buzzsaw, hacksaw, and seesaw! a consequence of the almost undefeated season. After winning 14 shows, 95% of the captions, we lost at Championships. The trophies still over-flowed the table at the banquet, and our 18 horns had big fun many times beating other 40 person horn-lines. After Katy did it at Bishop Boyle with 8 horns, beating many larger, more experienced lines, our destiny was predetermined! My best man at my wedding was: Jon Pieffer, one of the SuperTenors.
High and Low tenor lines, were a first for marching band. This band was also one of the first to switch to harnesses, instead of slings to carry the drums; and, one of the first to utilize a 'grounded pit', of concert percussion instruments. Our relatively small horn ensemble was enhanced and supported by a Tympani player with suspended drumset cymbals, Vibes, Marimba, Glockenspiel, and Xylophone. 

Click below to hear some real audio from Carrick!  The first season ended with good comments from judge: Dave Lorenzi, a good friend I'd marched, and drummed with before. My first teacher: Denny Trozzo, also adjudicated our program, and taught me throughout my marching career, from: Modernettes, to Silver Sabres, to Finleyville! Always a comedian and great teacher, friend, and mentor.  
     Katy Vogt is still in the practice of beating up on large horn-lines while she directs the band at: Hanahan SC. These guys have pages of awards! Katy made Carrick a champion!  

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