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California High School Marching Band, featured drums arranged by Vince Schaefer

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California High School Marching Band provided entertainment while competing.

Residing in the Mon Valley area, the California High School Trojan Band was always competitive and highly entertaining. The drum line program grew steadily for the five years I taught at Cal., winning musical captions at all local events.First year California snare line at Disney includes: Bob Churchel, John Gutowsky, Duncan, Laura, Kelly, Travis. The final year, before being downsized, I co-wrote the visual design program, along with Pete Harris. Our first drill attained and exceeded every goal we set. By the end of the season we actually had the drill in a software program, so we could see and edit our creation on computer, in 3D. It was completely understood by every student, and that proved itself on the field, with some of the highest marks the band ever attained in the marching category.  I was the 'Show Coordinator' for the last three years that I worked with the band. I wrote music every year, and even continued to write tunes after they had down-sized me from the program. 

The drum line always set the bar for determination among the band. Who could ever forget: Firebird Suite, Moussorgsky's Greatest Hits or the Theme to Indiana Jones, all arranged by Vince Schaefer? Other memorable tunes I arranged include: Ritual Fire Dance, Besame Mucho, Sunrise Lady, Carmen, and of course Celebration Suite. Tim Hammel was a great director, and  teacher, and his horn lines always sounded superb. This was the first of many jobs that Pete and I worked percussive ensembles together. Coal Queen Parade was always real hot fun, the day after band camp and the preview show, though was a big part of the journey to the toughness exhibited in this ensemble. I still can hear the ring from the: Cavies Ending on Firebird

 The 2000 band welcomes new director, IUP graduate, and past participant: Frank Stetar to the helm of this educational organization. Frank has served as Music Minister of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and is also the musical director of the middle school. Incidentally, Mr. Stetar does remember the Firebird Ending; if you see him, just ask!

The 2001 California Drum-Line made use of my 'outdoor percussive musical expertise' once again, as I began working with the band in August for band-camp. Administrative duties, and equipment repair, and some late arranging will limit my actual amount of teaching time though the young line shows great promise for the future of California High School, and for the band director: Mr. Stetar. The musical book includes selections from TV shows from the 70's: Chips, Monday Night Football, and Family Feud, and provides good musical opportunities for future competitions. I can't discount the amount of work Vernon Young (a past 'mallet keyboard specialist' in the pit, and previous 'California Drum Major') has put into this project, and promotion of the line.
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The California High School Marching Band Drum-Line, from 95, entertained everyone, and was the last line I taught from that school in the 90's!   

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