Common Laugh Productions, music recording and production Vonne Andring & Vince Schaefer were a musical duet

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Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


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 Vince Schaefer & Vonne Andring were a powerful duet using sequencing

     Though only together a few months, the Vince & Vonne Duet was an impressive example of the performing, arranging and singing abilities of the members. During our time together, I helped her to put together a premier vocal rig for live performance, including a Digitech Vocalist Workstation, Focusrite Vocal Processor, QSR Sound Module, and Lexicon Reverb. My main priority back then was to play live, and recording and such really didn't appeal to me, nor did I think I could make enough money at it to survive. That ended the duet as Vonne went into the studio to record, and I searched for other venues to play live. The examples from our show demonstrate the arranging abilities and mastery of midi necessary to pull off this kind of duo. This work was done shortly after my run with the DanceKats

    This was the first time since the Neon Kraze Band that I used a midi sequencer on every tune, to enhance the ensemble. I took the time to set up a comprehensive manner of arranging the midi files and keeping instruments on the correct tracks, hoping to not only have ultimate mixing control, but also to sound more like a live performance, as opposed to a band running tracks. (sequencing) I performed drum parts as well as other 'major' parts of the music, including soloing on keys and guitars. My kit at that time would have been the DrumKAT, PoleKATs, Roland R-8, Alesis QSR, and Alesis Microverb. This was before I used the PCMCIA card for samples. I did all the arranging to the midi files.

Real Media Examples from Vince & Vonne...not recording quality, recorded on an old cassette deck

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