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'Neon Kraze' featured Vince Schaefer drumming on Rogers drums and Zildjian cymbals! 

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Vonne Andring Vonne Andring is a talented singer from Apollo PA, that I had the pleasure of drumming for!


World Record 20 mile march The twenty mile gig might have been the hardest thing I'd done at that point in my life!


The Neon Kraze Band, was after the RX Band in my career, and had a fully sequenced show, which was done by Chad (the keyboard player) and me. (mostly me) That was the day of the DX-7 keyboard, and we had enough modules to do 32 tracks, as well as an array of keyboards, drum machines, and Simmons electronic drums. Other members included Pike Baytos (Jon Pike) on guitar and Wally Yates on bass with Billy Mancini up front. Also had two female back ground singers to enhance Billy's vocals. 
The band was ready to go, after three months of practicing and sequencing. The agent came in (Fred Weiss from Contemporary Artists, also the representative and agent for Energy Rush in the future) and told Billy to make changes, resulting in starting over. During auditions to fill the spots, I met bass player Dennis Star and singer Cindy Otten who after a couple months with Billy, (I had split for another job) hired me to do the Energy Rush Band, the new group they started. 

The Neon Kraze band was a lavish stage production with Mancini changing clothes often and a full array of lights, effects, and flash pots. Billy had two original songs which he had made for him, though the band played anything that was on the radio or requested. It was the largest set up, as far as drum microphones that I had ever used live. (at that point in my career) The PA was three way, and we had the best monitors, for that time. The whole production was to a click track to stay with the sequenced music and light show. At that time, my only electronic sample enhancement was 2 Simmons 1's,  I used for a clap, and for triggering the snare drum of the acoustic kit. I was using an eight piece version of my 8 ply maple Rogers drum set, with Zildjian cymbals. Evans hydraulic drum heads along with a Remo Pinstripe on the snare, and a Remo Starfire Chrome Pinstripe on the bass drum, were the choice while playing with Mancini. The snare was a handmade maple drum fitted with triggers and switches, which was my creation, and sounded great!

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