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Here you would put some nice friendly hello, while trying to sneak a couple 'keyword phrases' in close to the beginning! If you're in 'Internet Explorer' go to the top and click on: View, and then Source. There you will see the actual 'code' for the page. Close to the top should be: ' a Description', some 'Keywords', and a 'Title', which you should also see at the very top of IE! My dog: Ludwig, a master drummer and basketball hero!When you surf other sites, you can check these out, (unless they're 'hidden') and see what some people get for their money. It's not unusual for a company to charge $2000 and not do any 'Tags'. (that's what this hidden text is called)

 You probably noticed when you 'hovered the mouse over the picture, more information comes up! This is a 'Tag' called 'Alternate Text', which is also very important to have a viable web page. You'll notice when surfing, that many also forget to include these tags. (yet they charge much money) on your page, you'll probably want to list other pages within your site that may feature pictures of itemsLava lamps were very popular in the 70's and are making a come-back!

Information on price or item description might be here!


You may also want to link to that other page you've had:

Earth was a popular hang-out in the 70s' and still is today! with the catalogue companies' name here.


Communication by Bat Signal, while again, popular in the 70s', isn't being used much lately!Or just put in your e-mail, or the Bat-Signal if that's what you use:


Anyway if this had another 50 words of text, and was filled up the right way with keywords, it would 'stick to the bot' faster and longer than most other sites would, because it has:
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