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  Speigle's Big Band!

    Speigle, or William Gaye as his friends know him, has been drumming on the local and national scene since the late 70's. I first saw him playing with The Parker Brothers at the Boardwalk in Pittsburgh in early 1980. Their gig was 5 nights a week at the same place, and what I thought was the sweetest deal around. I was working at the Pink Poodle and drumming with jazz musicians at this time, though a couple months later I'm playing with Slate & Pearl, just to give an idea of the timeline. A couple years later he played with the Scam band which had come from the Slate & Pearl Band. Speigle was a big inspiration to my early drumming,

    Speig wanted to have a big band and cover tunes from bands like: Tower of Power, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, Average White Band, Ohio Players, and other similar Funk Bands. He sent me the tapes with 50 tunes, and I spent 3 months getting prepared for the first rehearsal. It did require preparation because I hadn't ever covered the intricacies that some of that music provided. (David Garibaldi was bad!!) At the time I was still playing on a full size Roger kit (3 rack toms, snare, floor tom, bass, tymbali) which was triggered with the DrumKAT. My rack at the time was a simple: Roland R-8, and a Yamaha RX7. and an Alesis Miniverb. This gig would have been right after DanceKats, so my kit was similar.

     The horns were arranged by Emmit Foster, who had sold me my Yamaha Drum Machine. Emmit was an experienced woodwind player who was known all over Pittsburgh. Other players were from Duquesne University. Manny Stokes, who I knew from my gigs with Betty Holiday, as well as from jamming down at many jazz clubs in Southside, played guitar.

    This gig was the last time I performed live with an acoustic set. Shortly afterwards, I began work on my first CD, a feature solo album called: A Drummers Laugh

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