Common Laugh Productions, music recording and production Anne Pavlik was featured singing on Acoustic con Tiempo, which was written and performed by: Vince Schaefer

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  Anne Pavlik wrote words and sang with Vince Schaefer

    The first percussion played solo album by Vince Schaefer was called: 'A Drummers Laugh'. All the music was performed by playing on a DrumKAT midi percussion controller. About a year after the album came out; a young singer named Anne wrote words to the tune: Acoustic con Tiempo, which was my earliest rendition of DrumKAT emulation of acoustic guitar. This session was done before Vonne Andring, and after the DanceKats.

    I was just getting settled in the studio at Sacramento Ave. and was working toward covering more parts simultaneously, like a good keyboard player might, at the time I heard about Anne. I never found time to write words (before1999) so it was exciting to hear my music with good lyrics. The sample below is her singing live, along with my solo CD: A Drummers Laugh.

    When we met, I recorded her singing (hastily) into a small cassette recorder. (the main recorder at that time was a cassette 4-track that broke down) The quality isn't great, in fact there's distortion, but it stands as a nice piece of writing and arranging. Ann wasn't interested in the music business, or even in formally recording the work, so all I have is this tape with her singing.  

Real Media Example with words by Anne Pavlic, and music by Vince Schaefer:

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